Advantages of White Oak Hardwood Flooring

Advantages of White Oak Hardwood Flooring

White oak flooring both European and Domestic has been detonating in popularity in recent years. It has become obvious over the years that white oak hardwood provides a multitude of benefits that go over and above other flooring options. Life n colors provide best wooden flooring in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Kanpur, Lucknow, Ghaziabad, Faridabad etc.


White Oak vs. Red Oak: What Is the Difference?


As a matter of first importance, the shade of white oak wooden floor is marginally unique in relation to that of the red oak wooden floor.

White oak hardwood flooring colors generally look darker than red oak, featuring prominent yellows and browns. Red oak wooden floor, on the other hand, tends to have a pink undertone to it that gives the wood a recognizable light red tint.

White oak hardwood has an increasingly unobtrusive graining that doesn't emerge as much as red oak hardwood. This gives a somewhat unique look and feel, which the vast majority favour.


Red oak hardwood is a more common wood in stair treads, bannisters, and similar transitions. Sometimes, people opt for red oak flooring for the sake of achieving a consistent visual aesthetic with the rest of their furniture and accessories. But many modern designs involve a mixture of different styles, patterns, and even wood types, so you don’t have to feel that your choice is predefined by any existing wooden transitions and accessories.


According to Life n Colors experts, following are the advantages of white oak:

White oak has good water-resistance:


White oak hardwood flooring an ideal alternative for kitchens as a result of its closed-grain wood. This means that its pores are clogged with tyloses, therefore water and different liquids aren't able to penetrate very easily. White Oak hardwood flooring is wide employed in boat construction and before doors for simply this terribly reason.


You will additionally build nice use of Life n Colors international quality white oak hardwood in entry areas wherever wet boots and vesture can expose the ground to further wet. You will still need to clean up spills immediately since it is not completely waterproof but it does provide ample protection.


You should still take good care of white oak flooring, wiping up any spills as soon as possible and making sure that the wood is covered with a good, strong finish.


Gives Modern and Contemporary Look and Feel: White Oak hardwood flooring appearance is trendy and less ancient as a result of it's not as grain as red oak. The rings of the white oak tree grow close, giving it a swish and uniform look. Linear mineral streaks conjointly boost this look and provide a modern look with a vintage feel which inserts well with several modern house or industrial designs. Best white oak Wooden flooring suitable for all areas.


White oak is less prone to denting: Durability is an important factor in choosing a flooring wood, and Life n Colors has most durable white oak hardwood flooring seems to have the upper hand in this aspect. Red oak wood, with its plain graining, maybe better at concealing existing dents than the white variety, but it is more susceptible to denting in the first place. White oak hardwood does not apply to scratch, though, as the wood’s resilience to scratching is largely determined by its finish type and quality. Also, bear in mind that white oak wood will be harder and more dent-resistant than red oak.


Cost-effective: One of the advantages of Life n Colors white oak hardwood is that it is easily available and quite affordable. That means that you’re getting a practical, highly customizable flooring material at a very attractive price. With growing demands in White Oak due to industry trends, we foresee the pricing of raw material to increase in the upcoming years.


White oak is perfect for the “natural” look with minimum finishing: If you want to imitate the farmhouse aesthetic in your home, you can’t go wrong with white oak hardwood flooring. Just get Life n Colors best quality white oak wooden planks in Delhi, Gurgoan (the wider they are, the more rustic the flooring is going to look) and have them covered with a durable finish. The natural patterns and imperfections in the wood will provide a nice background for the overall “rugged” look, and the yellow-brown colour palette of white oak wood tends to look more natural than the pink tint of the red oak variety.


To conclude, unless you need it to blend in with your existing red oak accessories or you like the pink and red undertones of this wood, you will likely be better off with white oak flooring.


At roughly the same price, you’ll be getting a wood type that is more finish- and staining-friendly, slightly more durable, and more flexible in terms of interior design.


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