All You Need to Know About Customized Wallpapers for Walls!

All You Need to Know About Customized Wallpapers for Walls!

If you're looking to bring in elegance with creativity to the highest degree, then customized wallpapers are what you need. Wallpapers themselves can single-handedly elevate your interior design and having the liberty of customizing them is the perfect icing on the cake.


For a lot of people, the idea of a subtle paint job is optimal and this tends to intimidate them from trying different bedroom wallpaper ideas. However, customized wallpapers are proving that their worth is higher than what people think. Whether you're moving into a new place, renovating your current homes or offices, customized wallpapers are the perfect decoration piece to every situation!


Being an essential part of home decor as is, customizing a wallpaper is capable of either making or breaking your home decoration. For most people, adding pictures of their favorite moments is the first thought. What we need to understand, however, is that bedroom wallpapers designs depend a lot on several factors.


So, how do we go about with customized wallpapers? What are they exactly?


These are all valid questions that we would love to clarify in the article! So let's explore the fascinating aspects of customized wallpapers.


Wallpapers- a perfect way to design your spaces!

In case you're new to the concept, wallpaper is part of home decoration which is aimed to flourish the interior design of any room or walls. Wallpapers come in long sheets and are put vertically or horizontally on walls. They contain strong adhesive on sheets to stick properly. Wallpapers can be used to cover entire wall or can also act as a piece of art.


They also originate from as far as the 16th century and have made significant advancements since then thanks to upgrades in various technologies. Customisation of wallpapers have several advantages including

  • Freedom of choosing one's design (colors, patterns, even type of material) as per their desire

  • No need to hire experts for suggestions, you can easily buy these wallpaper online. Expert will show digital mockup on your wall to help you visualise how it will look. This will help you also choose right designs for your wallpapers.

  • Saves costs, these are printed as per wall size. So no need to buy standard sizes which many a times lead to wastage of wallpaper material.

  • Helps owner expand their creativity in interior design, you have so many options to choose from. You will always find various designs to meet your requirements.


Wallpaper Material

Papers used for wallpapers which can be used on walls also come in different kinds and we've listed out the main types for you:


Vinyl Based Material

The initial paper will be coated with liquid vinyl and then have the design printed on top of it. It's a popular option since you can easily apply, clean, or remove it at any time. It is also cheaper. They look glossy and have sharp colors. The other downside however is the fact that there isn't the perfect appeal to it when applied as compared to other types.


Paper Based Material for Wallpapers

Simple as it sounds, paper wallpapers have nothing too detailed about them. A decorative and eye-catching design is printed on top of a paper base. These are eco-friendly and are considered as more premium options for wallpapers


Non-woven paper

This is a more expensive choice but rightfully so comes with its perks. Non-woven bedroom wallpapers are made from either authentic or artificial fiber which makes the final design a treat for every eye. They are also easy to apply, remove and are durable for long periods. Colors are clear, vibrant. They give soft satin feel to whole design.

Non woven soft feel paper
Non woven soft feel paper

Canvas texture paper

This is a more premium choice because of textures. They are also easy to apply, remove and are durable for long periods. Colors are clear, vibrant. They give a more premium hand-crafted feel to whole design. These are easy to clean due to dust repellant nature of the fabric.

Canvas texture paper for wallpaper
Canvas texture paper for wallpaper

What are customized wallpapers?

Now that we've understood what materials are possible for wallpapers for room walls, it is time to move on to customized wallpapers.


The simplest way to describe a customized wallpaper would be to say; it's all in your hands. Yes, no matter what anyone says, at the end of the day, it's your call to decide how you want to print your wallpaper designs from the tiniest of details to the entire wallpaper. Although, it's important to understand that good designs take time, and rushing to decisions does not benefit anyone.


Understanding the way designs work is vital too. When it comes to small rooms, large sparse patterns make a good illusion and make your room size appear bigger than its actual size. In a nutshell, customized wallpapers are the best of your creative ideas combined with current wallpaper trends.


Do I Need Customized Wallpapers?

Having the option to customize your wallpaper patterns can help you explore more about new decorating ideas and eye-catching designs. This way, you could get wallpapers of your choice of colors, designs and sizes.


Ideas for Customized Wallpapers

Trying to customize your bedroom wallpapers can be a difficult task to undertake since it's all in your hands from scratch. The results, however, are just as sweet. While wallpapers depend on certain factors; the type of room you decide is the greatest challenge first-hand. The good news is, we have two amazing tips and ideas for you to give you a head start into home decoration.


Bedrooms customised wallpaper options

You can choose wallpapers behind the bed or in front of bed. Highlighter wall could be floral patterns, 3D wallpaper designs, geometric patterns, chinoiserie or tropical. All these themes will add vibrancy to your bedrooms. The advance of choosing custom made wallpapers in bedrooms is that these patterns can be adjusted as per furniture placement on the wall. You do not need to worry about patterns getting cut. Colors also can be customised to match curtains or entire decor of the room.


Living room customised wallpaper options

Living rooms are external face of your house, this is where you socialise. This should reflect your unique personality as well as design theme of the house. Damask patterns, natural marble or stone look designs, tropical, or even floral are amazing options to decorate living and dining rooms.


The blend of simplicity along with calmness never ceases to amaze anyone. Since it's going to be customized, feel free to pick whichever print and color you want!

3D living room wallpaper design
3D living room wallpaper design

Kids room customised wallpaper options

Kids grow fast, their preference also change fast as they grow. Wallpaper is a unique home decor option which can meet demands of your little ones while you design their rooms. You could choose cute jungle theme, rainbows, fairies, or even pastel polka dots and geometric patterns for nursery rooms. For kids, choose from jungle theme, space, cute and colorful worldmaps. These can also be personalised by writing their names or favourite quotes. If you want we could also add kids pictures as part of the wallpaper to make them quite unique. You can choose both gender neutral or gender specific wallpaper options.



Overall, there's a lot you can do with customized wallpapers! You can simply transform your entire home into a luxurious one by choosing the right combination of designs.


Another vital aspect of these customized wallpapers is that their color codes should complement the interiors and furniture of the house. Moreover, the type of wallpaper can determine its quality since it should last long enough. People often think that these customized wallpapers are always over the top or extravagantly designed, however, truth is, the more modest a wallpaper is, the more lavish it appears to be.


Typically, re-painting is rather expensive and is less durable as compared to wallpapers. Hence, it’s ideal to just go ahead with customizable wallpapers. Furthermore, wallpapers have a vast range of collections and options available, there’s a reason why they are called “customizable”.


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