History of Wallpapers

History of Wallpapers

The vast majority of us don't consider the historical background of wallpapers as we're rolling it on our walls. We seldom think about where it originates from when we're selecting that ideal pattern of wallpapers, but wallpapers have a rich history. It's been with us in various forms for quite a long time, everywhere throughout the world, and it has filled a functional and elegant need for a wide range of classes of individuals.

The first recorded use of wallpaper was in China in 200 B.C., when the Chinese first glued rice paper to walls. In the eighth century, strategies of applying designed linen texture to walls spread to the Middle East and eventually advanced towards Europe.

In the 16th century in England, the wallpaper was a characteristic expansion of textiles, which up until that point had dominated wall decoration. Mostly individuals utilized textiles for a dual reason. Firstly, the woven designs could be staggeringly excellent and captivating, which made them popular with the rich community. The second reason is that materials were warm and given protection from the cold, in the unstable English climate.


By the 15th century, paper printing had begun and individuals looked to such innovation as a cheaper, progressively productive method for getting the aesthetic impact of textiles. This wallpaper was printed and hand-hued, using designs that imitated textiles in their structure.


Within a century, wallpaper had taken Western Europe by storm. It was especially prevalent in Paris, where retailers and the lower classes would go through it to spruce their homes and foundations. A wallpaper hanging society was begun in Paris at the turn of the seventeenth century and it began appearing in books and historical records of that period.

Being the 17th century, wallpapers made a way in the West, where various imitators sprung up and legitimate imports turned out to be highly prized possessions. Life n Colors experts suggest that at this point, wallpaper was longer a substitute for the more costly materials, it was at this point when wallpaper turned into its own, highly-priced for beautiful & decorative material.


The 18th and 19th centuries saw changes to printing innovation and, with it, changes to wallpaper creation. By the twentieth century, shaded & coloured wallpaper was normal, yet an apparatus in wealthy homes. By the start of the 21st century, we have seen a booming industry of wallpapers produced using plant filaments. Backdrop, constantly subject to development, has made some amazing progress from its causes.


Now you can witness so many verities of wallpapers, like Life n Colors the Gurgaon based store has a collection of best-imported wallpapers, 3D wallpapers, floral wallpapers geometrical wallpapers, luxury wallpaper etc.


Current innovation and patterns have welcomed a new age of artists onto the wall designing scene with a wide variety of wallpapers. It's currently a problem-free alternative for homeowners and interior designers to add an element of creativity on the walls & making the place more attractive.


In short, wallpaper industry has evolved a lot & these days it has become one of the hottest industries for interior designers & for those who are looking for creativity & elegance at their home, offices, etc.


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