Wallpaper themes for bedroom walls

Wallpaper themes for bedroom walls

The bedroom is where we typically spend most of our time at home. It is our personal space. Bedroom design theme should reflect our personal tastes and comfort. Wallpapers on bedroom walls are one of the most important design element in any room, hence it is important that we choose wallpapers correctly. Wallpapers as they cover a large visible area of any room have a tremendous impact on our moods.


Due to technological innovations in the recent past along with a surge in design innovations, we now have thousands of wallpapers to choose from our rooms. Due to these changes, there are also more affordable wall design options making them better options compared to paints on the walls.


The best place to install wallpaper in the bedroom is a- behind the bed wall, or b- in front of the bed wall, or on the ceiling. While selecting the right wall, ensure it has a good visible area and does not have too many odd sizes due to windows, doors etc.


Life N Colors, wallpaper studio in Gurgaon has curated the best wall covering ideas for your bedrooms. Following are some of the themes to choose from.


1- Floral wallpapers for bedrooms: Choose floral wallpapers if you are looking for adding a lot of colours into your spaces. You may choose from big floral patterns, English flowers, or small floral prints. You could also choose different ways in which these flowers are depicted like a canvas painting look, subtle paintbrush look, vinyl look.


2- Geometric patterns for bedrooms: Geometric print wallpapers are a must for modern or contemporary houses. These can also be used for offices. These come in both pastel colours, metallic look, vibrantly colourful, or many other themes. These designs never go old, these will always give you a fresh feel for your wallpapers. 


3- 3D wallpapers for rooms: With 3D wallpaper for walls and another 3D décor, you have a versatile way of complimenting any theme. From text to embossed or vinyl-finished, wallpaper can be an interior design staple. To achieve a more luxurious look, choose flocked paper. A bold suede finish can evoke a retro classic appeal. Vinyl varieties are great for homes with children or pets.


4- Damask patterns: Damask pattern wallpapers are a great idea for improving space and adding luxury mood. Damask patterns are also known as Baroque designs, and these have been used for many years in European and Indian markets. These wallpapers normally have a repeating pattern which gives the wall a richer and bigger look.


5- Customised wallpapers: not able to finalised floral pattern or color theme for wallpapers? Then customisation of wallpapers is the right way forward. We also create exclusive wallpapers as "Designs from Life N Colors". These are contemporary, modern, ethnic, and classy designs which are printed on high-quality papers. Size, colours, and design modifications are very much possible to match your requirements. 

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