How to ensure your wallpapers are installed well?

How to ensure your wallpapers are installed well?

There is a growing trend of using wallpapers for walls in Indian homes and offices now. Wallpapers are a great way to add uniqueness and designs to your spaces. Wallpapers have huge benefits over paints including durability, wide range of design, ease of maintenance etc. Life N Colors has provided the best imported wallpapers in various locations including Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi, Kanpur, and Lucknow. Our experts have created a checklist to ensure that your wallpapers are installed correctly.





Only use rolls which show the same production number, this will ensure that colors and patterns are matched perfectly. Check the quality of the rolls before cutting. Do not cut the rolls when you discover a major defect, but inform your supplier immediately.


Surface preparation


Make sure that the walls are smooth, solid and absolutely dry. Remove all old wallpaper, paint or whitewash and especially any traces of ink, pencil or crayon marks. Fill up holes and smooth down.


Cutting of wallpapers


When patterned designs are used, make sure that the design matches correctly. You may find how pattern will be matched behind roll. This information should be checked before starting the cutting process. First cut all wallpapers with patterns matched before starting the pasting process.



Only use a good quality paste following manufacture’ s instructions. Ensure that glue has smooth consistency and is mixed well. Please read instruction on wallpapers rolls on where to apply glue i.e., directly on walls or on wallpapers. This is very important process of pasting.

Soaking time: about 5 minutes .



Apply wallpaper on walls and move them using smooth glue paste to match design with the wall. Only use a soft smoothing brush or roller. Do not use steam rollers. Remove surplus paste by dabbing with a damp sponge or clothes. Avoid excessive heat of draughts while the paper is drying.


Post installation


Avoid touching surface of wallpapers for a couple of days before glue dries out completely. It is normal to get some air bubbles on wallpapers, do not touch or press them. These will dry out on their own soon. After a week check edges of wallpapers, in case they are becoming loose, apply some glue and paste them again. 


Above procedure will help you get maximum life for your wallpapers. Life N Colors has a very strong wallpapers installation team which is trained on applying wallpapers using right methods and tools. Please consult our experts for the best imported wallpapers for your homes, offices. We have a wide range of wallpapers covering fabric, lether, paper, metallic, wooden texture wallpapers which could be used in living rooms, bedrooms, kid’s rooms etc. We also have a wide range of 3D wallpapers and customised wallpapers.


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