Enhancing Your Home with Vastu-Compliant Wallpapers: A Short Guide

Enhancing Your Home with Vastu-Compliant Wallpapers: A Short Guide

  1. Align with Vastu Elements: Incorporate the five elements—Earth, Air, Space, Fire, and Water—into your wallpaper designs. Use earthy elements for stability, air motifs for the east, space patterns for the west, fire designs for the south, and water themes for the north.

  2. Choose Colors Wisely: Select colors based on the room's purpose. For bedrooms, light green, pink, and blue promote peace. Living spaces benefit from tan, green, blue, beige, and yellow. Kitchens suit yellow, orange, white, rose pink, and red. Bathrooms are ideal for whites, grays, or pastels. Lifencolors has created several color specific wallpaper collections to make it easy to choose designs.

  3. Consider Directions and Planets: Each direction in your home corresponds to a planet. Use colors that align with these planets for each direction. For example, use white for the east (Sun), blue for the west (Saturn), green for the north (Mercury), and so on. it may also be a good idea to take expert consultation from Vastu consultant who can advise you based on directions of your place.

  4. Be Mindful of Images: Choose images carefully, following Vastu guidelines. Avoid using certain images in specific rooms, such as horses in the bedroom. Ensure images reflect positive energy and avoid sad or negative motifs. For example Bagiya wallpaper from Life n Colors is the perfect wallpaper for bedroom.

  5. Prioritize Quality: Choose high-quality wallpapers to avoid cracks, tears, or damage. Quality materials are essential for maintaining positive Vastu energy in your space.

By following these tips and consulting with a Vastu expert, you can select wallpapers that enhance the positive energy and prosperity in your home.


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