5 Home Décor Ideas for your home

5 Home Décor Ideas for your home

Aren’t you bored of getting up to that same room, same house with dull walls, every morning? An empty room is a story waiting to happen and you are the author. One needs change in life, it is inevitable and if you are ready to bring changes in your life then why not your house?


Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love. So, go ahead, invest in your house, invest in your room, as it would lighten up your mood as colors and art are smiles of natures which calms you and provide you a warm and cozy environment. A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place, it should smile at you and create fantasy and below are some hacks through which you can decorate your house which fits your budget.


1. Stair case double as storage space

Having storage under stair is clear. But how about doubling the stair case as storage. Like in below design, each stair case can be pulled out as a drawer. Another excellent way to use stair.




2. Clutter décor with picture frames, cushions, paintings etc. to give you warm and cozy environment. Pictures of loved ones are a sight for sore eyes and will calm you every time you look at them



3. Wallpapers and Panels

It brings uniqueness to your walls through exclusive concepts & designs. Wallpapers have very long life, they could last 12-15 years with moderate maintenance.

There is hardly any maintenance required for Wall Coverings. They are 100% washable (not water-proof). Most of them are even scratch resistant and fire retardant. Life N Colors has a wonderful collection of wallpapers to meet your requirements.



4. Garden at home, terrace or balconies with artificial grass. The smooth green grass is an iconic symbol of our culture, heritage and history. It will enhance the tranquility of your home. For balconies or terrace you may also try artificial grass, which looks very similar to real grass, has very low maintenance requirement, and has long life. Its much cheaper option compared to real grass.



5. Mirrors with frames- Mirror is one of best decoration piece to easily increase the depth of a room and give the illusion of a bigger space. Subtly usage of mirror enables you to make your room twice as big as it supposes to be.







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