5 Interior Design Styles That Reflect Your Personality

5 Interior Design Styles That Reflect Your Personality

As it is said, A house is the place your feet may leave, however not your heart. Your house is the place you invest the majority of your energy, with your watchmen down and spirits up. All things considered, it is nothing unexpected that interior design style you fuse in your house is an impression of your identity and lifestyle.


According to Life n Colors experts, here are a few interior design styles and their respective personality traits to transform your house into a nurturing home:


  • Rustic Farmhouse


Personality trait: Nature-lover and outdoor enthusiast with a zeal to experiment.


Bring the outdoors with an old-world appeal that immediately redesigns a little space to a keen one. As the name recommends, translates to raw and unfinished textures in rustic materials like wood, stone, and cowhide. This that owns a style statement. Life n Colors wooden floors which are best wooden floor in Gurgaon. Also can use faux effect wooden brick wallpapers. Life n Colors provides best faux effect wallpapers. The vibe given out by the rustic farmhouse home decor style is overwhelming, much the same as the property holder who wants to add a modern twist to conventional designs.


  • Scandinavian Stories 


Personality trait: Outgoing and practical with a quest for culture and heritage.


Scandinavian inside decor is the thing that you get when usefulness meets moderation. Characterised by immaculate white walls, this quaint home décor style screams sophistication and modernism with a twist of heritage and history, just like its friendly and culturally-inclined host. The key shading scheme utilized here is anything between brown earthy tones and lush green hues elevated with a vivacious white backdrop. You can also apply subtle color Life n Colors wallpapers to give sophisticated look to the area. Life n Colors has Call +91- 9818900484 best wallpapers in Gurga0n .The plain walls give you the liberty to play with textures and patterns in your home accessories, whether it is a curtain with a vibrant print or brightly-coloured candlesticks.


 Coastal Bliss 
Personality trait: Travel enthusiast with an intense love for sun, surf, and sand.
Coastal interior design is one of the greatest home decor theme where your adoration for the shoreline can't be ruptured. Structure your space with accents of the sea and explore with fresh hues of blue, sea green, pastel browns and dirty white colors. You can also go for 3D geometric Life n Colors wallpaper which will add beauty to the space. Life n Colors have the best 3D wallpaper. Also you can opt for light and breezy curtains that let in ample amount of natural light and accentuate your interiors with exquisite green decor. Light oak Life n Colors wooden flooring will also add element to the area & will give coastal look. As for your home accessories, the world is your oyster – literally! Think oceanic and choose from a wide range of nautical patterns and shell textures that bring out the vibrancy and freshness of the sea. This interior décor style is ideal for globetrotters who do not like to be constrained to one space and are free-spirited – just like the ocean.
 Hollywood Affair 
Personality trait: Glamorous and larger-than-life with a liking for the finer things.
Extend your modern and upbeat energy to your interiors with an explosion of Hollywood regality in your living room. From lush curtains to ultra-glam upholstery, do not settle for anything less than exorbitant and high-polished. Though opting for Hollywood-inspired home décor brings back popular looks from the iconic ’50s and ’60s, your space can exude top-notch sophistication rather than old-world charm. Think glossy surfaces, clean lines, hints of colour and bold prints, complemented with iconic and bold Greek key patterns. Amp up the drama quotient of your space with this timeless design trend.
 Bohemian Rhapsody
Personality trait: Artistically unconventional with eccentric taste and quirky style.
Give your capricious lifestyle a chance to resound with your home stylistic theme as you enjoy your affection for quirky prints and playful textures. A bohemian soul will never timid far from natural tones supplemented with a burst of shading. Set your soul free with rope swings, vibrant cushions, Turkish rugs, vintage headboards, tasselled throws and stunning DIY projects that will keep the compliments coming. Enjoy joyful bohemian style for a home radiating with life, culture and charming things from around the globe.
The best aspect of this type of décor is that there are no rules – no colour palette to follow or theme to abide by. Go casual chic and create a space which makes you kick off your flip flops and relax.
Contact Life n Colors experts to help you transform your home on the based of theme above & let your personality traits come out.
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