6 Exterior Home Trends for 2020

6 Exterior Home Trends for 2020

While trends by definition will, in general, remain applicable for around 10 to 15 years, new trends are introduced every year that can enable you to make the most out of your home's fortitude. This incorporates your home's exterior design which is so vital to both values and looks appeal.


If you’ve been contemplating an exterior makeover in the coming months, make sure to pay attention to what the top trends are predicted by Life n Colors experts to be for 2020. Life n Colors have the best wallpapers in Delhi NCR with different patterns and designs.


Below are the 6 exterior home trends for 2020:


Dark Colors:

Dark hues for exterior have been popular lately. While a dark accent or trim has long been popular, dark exteriors are becoming popular across the nation. This trend is perfect for any style of home because there are so many shades to choose from. Life n Colors experts can always guide you to go which colour tone according to your home design.

Bringing the Inside Out:

Exterior living areas have been growing in popularity for the previous few years, and are on the boom in 2019. It’s not enough anymore to have an open-air patio or yard, today’s homes also have an innovative deck or porch that enhances the curb appeal of the property, as well as the use of the space. Life n Colors have the best wooden deck in Delhi Ncr, with many different patterns & colours.


Floor to Ceiling Glass:

Windows have always been a key component of home design, both for the exterior and the interior. In 2019, you can see windows and sliding doors take on new dimensions. Floor to ceiling windows and doors are becoming increasingly popular, especially sliding plate glass doors that can open up an entire wall to the outdoor living space, making the home more functional as well as more attractive and filled with light.



According to Life n Colors experts, another hot trend for 2019 ties in well with the first; dark on dark colour palettes for the exterior. While a dark home with light trim has been the more conservative approach for homeowners looking to go dark, the more contemporary look involves coordinating both dark siding and trim.


Many Shades of Grey:

For the last several years, grey has been the hottest “neutral” colour in home design. For both interiors and exteriors, grey has been the champion shade. This trend is expected to continue into 2019, as many homeowners have begun leaping on the grey bandwagon.


Durable, High-Quality Materials:

Regardless of what area of your exterior you want to update in 2019, one of the most important trends is the incorporation of high-quality materials into the design.


To conclude, If your home exterior needs a makeover, consider contacting Life n Colors experts for incorporating any of these trends for 2020 into your design, to help cash in now and in the future.

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