Indian artforms

Indian artforms


Art forms that will bring Indian aesthetic to your home


India is a country full of colours and cultures. India being rich in its heritage is also rich in its art and craft with elegant and earthy designs. The change in home decor and interior trends has surely brought attention to Indian home decor art and crafts.
Keeping our culture intact we now have various art forms available for home decor.


Here are 8 different art forms from various parts of India that will surely bring Indian aesthetic to your space.


1. Pichwai


Pichwai is an art form that originated in the 17th century it is believed to have originated in the town of Nathdwara in Rajasthan, which is home to the famous Shrinathji Temple. Pichwai art is a detailed art form with lotus, cows, trees and stories of lord Krishna.


One of the great ways to add Pichwai to your house is by adding wallpapers with beautiful lotus and cows, which can instantly bring an Indian vibe to your home. Other ways to add Pichwai are painted plates, wall paintings or upholstery. 


Pichwai Style Wallpaper for Lobby and Temple Walls, Yellow

 2. Madhubani 


The elaborate and traditional folk art form of Madhubani painting, sometimes called Mithila painting, originated from the Mithila area of Bihar, India. The use of natural dyes, geometric patterns, and vibrant hues defines this art style. Scenes from everyday life, nature, and Hindu mythology are frequently featured in Madhubani paintings. They have been handed down through the years, usually made by women in the Mithila region.


Madhubani art form is versatile and can be added in many different ways to your home, like upholstery, wallpapers, traditional paintings, curtains, etc., to bring that Indian aesthetics to your space and here are some links to help you out. 


 Geet Madhubani Wallpaper in Blue & Golden Colors


3. Warli 


Warli is a form of tribal art created by the tribal people from the North Sahyadri Range in Maharashtra. Warli represents the daily routine of rural life, the relationship of the tribal people with nature, their gods, myths, traditions, customs, and festivities. Bamboo sticks are used as paint brushes to create the paintings. The colours and materials used for the paintings are derived from nature like brown and orange from henna, indigo from dye, red from bricks and white from thick rice paste.


Warli is one of the most popular art forms in India, people nowadays use Warli art in various ways to add that hint of Indian vibe and here are some links you will love.


Blue Warli Indian Art Design Wallpaper

4. Block print


Block Printing is an ancient and traditional art form of printing on fabric, paper, and other materials that originated in Rajasthan many years ago using vegetable dyes and natural colors. Jaipur, other than its beauty and traditional culture, it is also famous for Block Printing Art. Block Printing in India in other forms is widely known as “Woodblock Printing”, “Woodcut Printing” or “Hand block Printing”. Block painting consists of repetitive beautiful patterns.


Block prints have been famous in India for years with colourful patterns and small details. 


Adding block print wallpapers, upholstery, cushions, curtains etc would add the perfect amount of Indian aesthetic to your homes and here are some links to help you out. 


Sarangi Rajasthani Block Print Design Wallpaper Rust

5. Sujani


Sujani is an embroidery style that comes from the Indian state of Bihar's Bhusura village.  Sujani is said to have begun in the 1920s and was only used for personal use by Rajput ladies. It started as a type of quilting in which worn-out saree and dhoti patches were stitched together using basic stitches to give them a fresh look. Even the threads used for the stitches were extracted from the sari's borders. An ancient cloth was prepared for the specific purpose of wrapping the newborn in a gentle hug, much like its mother would have. This was done at the time of delivery. The term "Su" is the root of the word "Sujani," which means facilitating and ‘Jani’ meaning birth.


Sujani is a great art form to use in your home for the perfect Indian home vibe adding it to cushions, curtains, upholstery and walls can uplift the entire atmosphere of your place. Here are some links to help you out. 



 Mithila Indian Sujani Art Deep Green Wallpaper for Wall

 6. Batik


Batik printing is a form of textile art where a piece of cloth is decorated by covering it with a coat of wax and then dyeing it. The word ‘Batik’ means ‘wax writing’ and its journey through the ages proves that it is more than just a handicraft. In the small village of Mundra, Kutch, Gujarat, the art Batik printing has been handed down through generations and is still a main source of income for the people living there. These Batik prints feature traditionally inspired motifs representing various folk scenes, and nature elements such as birds, flowers, bees, leaves, and several other more geometrical designs.


The new Batik is brighter than before and is now used in various forms like clothes, wall hangings, wallpapers, curtains, upholstery and more. Here are some links to help you out.


Abstract Indian Batik Print Wallpaper for Walls, Blue

7. Kantha Stitch


Kantha stitch also known as embroidery quill is an old art form practised mainly by Bengal ladies. The Kantha has taken many forms: from simple quilts made at home for personal, domestic, or ritual use to elaborate story-telling wall hangings for public view. Kanthas are used for traditional garments, such as saris and shawls, as well as for Western garments, such as jackets and stoles.


Kantha stitch can now be on your walls too with this amazing wallpaper.


 Kantha Stitch Style Cushion Cover, Set of 2 Brown


 8. Ikat


Ikat is one of the oldest art forms of India traced back to several ancient civilizations. In India, Ikat art was done in states like Gujarat, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. The process of creating Ikat involves tightly binding yarns before dyeing, ensuring that the dye does not reach certain areas. This binding and dyeing process is repeated multiple times to achieve the desired intricate designs. Ikat designs are most popular in home textiles and clothing. Adding Ikat in your homes will bring vibrant hues to your home and uplift the mood. Here are some wallpapers and home textile links for you. 



High Fashion Ikat Wallpaper, Pastel Shades

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