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A Parisian Paradise

Namrata Datt, an esteemed designer based in Delhi, meticulously transformed her apartment into a stunning embodiment of Parisian elegance, dedicating six months to realising her dream home. As the creative director of Maison 15, an interior design firm, Datt is accustomed to collaborating with homeowners to incorporate their personal tastes into their spaces. However, when it came to her own residence in Som Vihar, she relied solely on her vision, aiming to craft an interior that beautifully merged Parisian aesthetics with the lush, natural surroundings of Delhi.

The transformation began with an appreciation for the apartment's architectural features: high ceilings, robust walls, and windows that offered lush views. A significant alteration was the replacement of the living room's external wall with sliding glass doors, leading to a Juliet balcony that not only brightened the space with natural light but also brought the outdoors in.

Unique Usage of Bespoke Wall Covering

The dining room is a pinnacle of Parisian flair, distinguished by white wainscoting and a custom-made, sylvan-themed wallpaper that truly captivates. This wallpaper, a creation of Life n Colors, is notable not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its originality.

Life n Colors specialises in crafting custom-made designs, bringing designers' dreams to life on walls. In this space, the wallpaper features an intricate depiction of birds and animals in conversation, designed specifically for Datt's home. Its unique, non-repeating Chinoiserie wallpaper pattern ensures that each glance reveals something new, adding a dynamic and bespoke element to the room. This wallpaper stands as a testament to Life n Colors' expertise in transforming spaces with personalised, designer-driven visions.

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Tranquil Interiors

The interior is laid with a simple grey mosaic, accented with brass inlays, setting a tranquil and sophisticated foundation. The living space, adorned with two large sofas in greige, is replete with decorative elements like flowers, paintings, and prints. Among these, a striking painting of the goddess Tara which adds a layer of depth and symbolism, embodying power and compassion.

Datt's home showcases her adeptness in blending a variety of design elements, from cherished family pieces to modern finds, each contributing to the home's eclectic and intimate feel. The open kitchen, a highlight of Datt's design, exemplifies her desire for a space that facilitates both cooking and socialising, embodying functionality and style in its grey, white, and gold palette.

Further enriching the dining area are prized possessions, including a century-old piano and vintage plates, alongside a Burma teak cabinet that connects the present space with its past. The custom dining set, under a modern chandelier, reflects Datt's skill in blending contemporary and traditional design elements.

The study, or 'African room,' introduces tribal and African-inspired decor, harmonised by full-length glass doors and chequered curtains, showcasing Datt's flair for thematic design.

In the bedrooms, wooden flooring offers a warm foundation for Datt's expert textile layering. The master bedroom and guest room utilise neutral tones and textures to create serene retreats. The bathrooms, especially the master, blur the distinction between functionality and luxury, featuring elements more reminiscent of a boudoir.

Each Space Tells a Story

Namrata Datt's Delhi home transcends mere aesthetics, embodying a narrative woven from personal memories, cultural influences, and an innate design sensibility. Each space tells a story, from the history-laden coffee table to the custom wallpaper in the dining room, demonstrating Datt's philosophy that design should be both visually captivating and deeply personal.

The transformation of the apartment into a Parisian oasis in Delhi illustrates the power of design to realise dreams and create spaces that resonate deeply with their inhabitants. Datt's home not only reflects her unique vision but also serves as a beacon of inspiration, leaving a lasting impression on all who visit. The previous owner's regret at letting the property go, upon seeing its transformation, underscores the extraordinary impact of Datt's vision and talent. Through her commitment and design acumen, Namrata Datt has crafted not just a home, but a masterpiece of love and beauty.

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