Decorate walls with Indian theme wallpapers

Decorate walls with Indian theme wallpapers

In the last six years, we've seen tremendous growth in terms of how people spend their efforts and resources on decorating their places be it their offices or houses this has a lot to do with increasing wealth, exposure to international brands and developing a unique design taste in the young generation. There is also an increasing interest to buy Indian theme wallpapers. Indian theme wallpapers are becoming more popular due to wide range of designs, vibrant color options, and a perceived luxury feel to them.


When I started life and colour some six years back, my primary motivation to start Life N Colors was that there was a lack of real high-quality international brands for home decor, especially for walls. Nowadays, more number of brands are available. However, I still see a gap, and it relates to the availability of Indian theme Wallpapers and wall concept in India. Most of the International Wallpapers which are available for example uses a large damask pattern or large floral patterns which are more suited for the Western countries. In India, most of the houses are nowadays adopting Indian themes, and hence it is essential that we also have the availability of Indian theme wallpaper.


Another critical insight is that Indian art culture is quite grand; our history is long-dated; we have so many different kinds of styles. There are so many unique regional styles, and there is a need to convert all these local, or folk or historical art forms into Wallpapers. This is what life and colours are striving to do for the last couple of years. Our design team is heavily investing their efforts on curating Indian design and what I must tell you is that we just love these designs.


One of the design projects which we have picked up is to convert many of the Indian folk art themes in the Wallpapers these include Madhubani, Warli, Kalamkari, Tanjore, and many more.


The best part is that printing technology has evolved so much in the last few years that now it is very much possible to give a different kind of textures, colours, and lustre on these Wallpapers. These wallpapers look very premium as well as luxury.


Some of the new brands in India also include Indian team wallpaper, for example, Nilaya from Asian paints. However, I found that there are two issues; one of their designs are still quite limited and second is their prices are quite high. There exist a need in the market to create a wide range of Indian themed wallpaper at various price points which makes it affordable for your wallet size.


For Indian theme Wallpapers for your bedroom or living room, you can decide the kind of pattern or colours you need. For example, if you are planning to build a South Indian themed home décor then choose South Indian Wallpapers, for north Indian homes select Northern art form, or you can also do a mix and match.


Many times people have this misconception that most of the Indian designs which are coming are Mughal designs or fort based design so they are very grand and they might not be suited for the modern house. This a common myth actually, they are so many Indian art design forms which will go so well in Indian homes well this design themes can also be adopted for your office walls as well.


One of the design experiment which we are doing in life and colours is to create fusion designs. In such designs, what we are doing is that we are combining western or abstract designs along with Indian designs and merging them to create very cool modern wallpapers.


Some of the key differences which we have identified between western and Indian art forms are; firstly Indian art forms have a unique story behind them, for example, be it Mughal art or warli art or Madhubani art or Rajasthani, there is always a great story behind which makes it more lively. Second is that most of these art forms are very colourful. It has to be made clear that when I see that most of the art forms have a story behind that, it doesn't mean that there is always a religious angle behind. Many times these stories are related to a unique way of living or depiction of nature or concepts, in this way, even the abstract Indian art form wallpapers give a compelling story behind them.


We at Life in Colors are super excited with our new collection of Indian theme wallpaper (shop now), and we are looking forward to working with all the leading designer's architects and homeowners and office makers who wish to bring life and colour to their walls.


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