Latest trends in wooden floorings

Latest trends in wooden floorings

Based on customer purchases and feedback, Life N Colors experts have created a list of wooden floorings trends witnessed recently. Life n Colors is a leading home décor products brand with a product portfolio including wallpapers, wooden floorings (laminate, engineered, hardwood), pergolas, custom-made carpets etc. Life N Colors has an experience center at sector 48, Gurgaon.


Hottest wooden flooring trends: When it comes to trends and style, we want to make sure you’re getting a well-rounded opinion. Here’s a look at recent trends in wooden floorings and what our experts are anticipating in 2019:




Colors- dark, light and high variation designs are very much liked by people in recent times. People have tried mixing very dark and very light designs also to create unique wood floors. Commercial spaces have used more of distress look or light grey shades along with usual finishes like walnut, oak as well. Dark wood floors look gorgeous and elegant, they give your floors an expansive look. However dark floors also make areas look smaller. So choose dark floors where you have larger areas, else prefer lighter shades.


Textures: smooth finishes are classic choices for both residences and offices. However, people have also started experimenting with distressed and wire brushed finishes for their floors. We are expecting that this trend of using non-smooth finishes will also gain popularity in India during 2019. There are cool designs coming in such finishes which could be tried by people in lounges, bedrooms, offices, commercial spaces as well.


Finishes: there are typically two kinds of finishes used by people- satin and matte. In recent times people have used more matte finish for their floors.



Patterns: residences have typically used usual rectangular patterns of wooden floorings. However, in recent times we have seen increasing use of herringbone patterns, diagonal, and wide planks. We expect more homeowners and interior designers exerimenting with newer patterns. Life N colors has added a wide range of newer patterns like herringbone, diagonal etc. sample these for your upcoming spaces.


Types: wooden laminates use is more prevalent given their pricing. However, for premium and luxury spaces use of engineered wood is also increasing. Hardwood use is limited. There are now more ranges which are affordable for engineered wood floorings in the Indian market by Life N Colors.


Wooden floorings have become a necessity for new spaces. They add both comfort and designs for your floors. More residences and commercial spaces are using wooden floorings. However, it’s important to select a right product which is durable, strong, as per current trends and at the same time affordable.



Many low quality and cheaper options are also available in the market. But they don’t last, they normally see joints opening within a few months, top laminate layer vanishes in no time. Also, they give cheap look to floors. Don’t select such options, choose something which is durable, long lasting, as per current design trends and also something which fits your budget. Life N Colors flooring solutions will help you select right wooden floorings for you.


Imported, high quality and a wide range of designs for wooden floorings and wallpapers for your homes in Gurgaon and Delhi. We have both premium and affordable range of wooden floorings and wallpapers. Call us or visit us in our experience centre in Gurgaon to see the best wooden floorings and wallpaper collection for homes in NCR and Kanpur.


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