Natural Wooden Pattern Wallpapers

Natural Wooden Pattern Wallpapers

Gone are the days when wood-framing had a place solely during the 1970s basement. The modern home presently includes great wood panelling in all zones from the featured wall to the comfortable corner to the strong smokestack breast and more. In short, wooden panelled walls are back.


Imagine all the natural, rustic charm of wood-panelling without the heavy installation or lavish price tag. For the forward-thinking and budget-conscious interior designer, a growing trend makes the dream possible: textured faux wood wallpaper. Life n Colors has the best wooden wallpaper for walls in Delhi, Gurgoan.


Propelled printing technologies make ultra-similar wooden designs rich with lively hues and finished surfaces. Simple to hang, simple to oversee, and colossally famous, Life n Colors 3D wooden wallpaper reproduces complex styles from the atmospheric panelled library to the wooded scene to the rustic screening.


According to Life n Colors Experts, following are the top faux texture wood-effect wallpaper prints :


Beadboard wallpaper:

Ideal for bookshelves or implicit excitement focus retires, a touch of beadboard wallpaper connected to within makes a dramatic designer detail. Highlight the style in an extraordinary room, cave or front room or use it on a staircase. For a bungalow style, utilize a white beadboard wallpaper design on the roof.


Driftwood wallpaper:

Find an adaptable and luxuriously detailed wood-impact wallpaper that welcomes a wonderful assortment of sensible wood into your next interior design project. Highlight driftwood wallpaper as the emphasize piece in a Scandinavian inside and capture the old country home feel of distressed and faded wood in pale natural colors.


Hygge wallpaper:

Propelled by the Danish expression Hygge, this wood wallpaper for walls catches the dependable Scandinavian style. Covering supports of troubled wood meet comforting neutral taupe hues enhanced with glimmers of warm metallic. With its lavish gleaming completion, Hygge natural wallpaper brings out the undefinable sentiment of commending the seemingly insignificant details in existence with your loved ones.


Firewood wallpaper:

Another signature feature is a firewood wallpaper print transports you and your guests to a cosy living room inside a cabin tucked far away in the woodlands. Faux firewood wallpaper welcomes warmth to any cold winter evening spent gathered by the fire.


Oak-effect wallpaper:

Find a modern style that conveys the most extreme impact with insignificant exertion. Faux oak-impact wallpaper includes profound tones and rich hues that make for a humble yet great feature wall.


Multicoloured wood:

Unlimited shades of delicate blues, reds, greens and different hues bring authentic wood panel wallpaper to life. Multicoloured faux wood wallpaper emerges from the group with unique colour schemes that catch the immortal impact of a maturing paint wash.


Textured wood blocks:

Discover a smart, modern take on wood panelling available in a wide range of shades. Textured wood blocks with a wonderful Life n Colors 3D design wallpaper bring the feel of authentic wood to life.


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