How to choose right floorings for your home?

How to choose right floorings for your home?

Designing a commercial or residential space requires a vision, backed by quality design elements. Besides getting premium-quality furniture and covering the walls with high-quality surfacing materials; the flooring is another crucial element to complete the overall look of a place.


If you too are looking for premium wooden flooring, look no further than Life n Colors wooden flooring. To help you create an exceptional design, Life n Colors experts, present the factors you need to consider when choosing a wooden flooring option:



Extraordinary dark and light shades, or a mix of the two are the trending choices for flooring options. A portion of the top inclining wood colour choices you can pursue structuring a private or business space incorporates Espresso, High Variation, Gray, Blonde, Honey, and Whitewashed.


Both designers and property owners are making textures a priority when it comes to wooden flooring options, especially when manifesting distressed looks. You can also try hand scraped or wire brushed textures to give the space a more natural look and feel.



Flatter finishes are trending more than any other surface finish available in the market. While some people may still prefer shiny surfaces, the consensus is favouring matte, satin and oil surface finishes for flooring options.



Looking at some of the trends, people are preferring to turn their floors into statement pieces with sleek, contemporary patterns. Some of the patterns you can try for your flooring include Herringbone, parquet, wide planks, and mixed width.



With individuals winding up more ecologically mindful, traditional wood flooring choices are quick turning into a relic of times gone by among homeowners and designers. Individuals are inclining more towards built genuine wood flooring choices.


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