Wallpaper Installation Guidelines

At Life n Colors, we're dedicated to ensuring that your wallpaper looks perfect on your walls. While we supply top-quality wallpapers, we understand that installation can be a challenge. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you get started. "Note:" While we don't provide installation services directly, our customer support team can connect you with local installers in select cities. Please be informed that these installers operate independently and are not affiliated with Life n Colors."
Wallpaper Installation Guidelines

Pre-Installation Checklist:

1. Wall Preparation:

  • Ensure the wall is well-prepared with putty.
  • Apply an oil primer mixed with enamel paint for better adhesion.
  • Sub-note: This step ensures that the wallpaper sticks properly and doesn't peel off.

2. Wall Condition:

  • The wall should be free of seepage or deformities.
  • Sub-note: Improper walls can lead to peeling or misalignment of the wallpaper.

3. Installation Equipment:

  • Provide a ladder for standard installations.
  • For ceiling and double-height walls, scaffolding is required.
  • Sub-note: Safety and precision are paramount. Ensure all equipment is stable and in good condition

4. Site Preparation:

  • The installation site should be clean and free from dirt.
  • Ensure no other work is happening in the room during installation.
  • Clear the wall of any furniture. Installers won't shift furniture, so plan accordingly.
  • Sub-note: A clean and clear site ensures a smoother installation process.

5. Rescheduling Fees:

  • Be aware that installers might charge additional fees if the site isn't ready on the scheduled day and needs rescheduling.

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