Floral printed Wallpaper for bed room

A Short Guide to Vastu-compliant Luxury wallpapers

Have you ever wondered why so many people not only believe in Vastu but also follow it in their place? The basic idea of Vastu is to lead a better life in terms of health, money, and peace. The energy of the place plays a determining role in the growth of the place and the people associated with it. Vastu is based on ancient texts and talks about the correct location of the rooms, length and measurement of the things, and arrangement of things in a place. A Vastu-compliant place is said to promote emotional, physical, and financial well-being by creating a vibrant and positive environment. Taking care of the Vastu is the solution to taking care of the energy of your place and therefore is equivalent to taking care of yourself.

According to Vastu, constructing a particular room or door in a specific direction will impact the environment of the place positively. If you have already completed the construction of your place, then re-constructing the place according to the Vastu is a difficult thing but there is another easier way to make the place fit according to Vastu without any reconstruction.

Apart from the place itself, how the things are kept in the space is equally, if not more, important. So home decor has a crucial role to play in Vastu. How and where the furniture is kept, things that are put on the wall, the color of everything, each and everything can help. One of the ways to improve Vastu is by putting wallpapers. You can add the colours and designs that are known to improve Vastu  to your place without any trouble or a lot of rearrangement making it the easiest way to improve your Vastu. 

We understand that luxury goes beyond aesthetics so our design experts worked with Vastu experts to shortlist some beautiful wallpaper designs that fit perfectly with the Vastu of the place to make your place perfect in terms of Vastu without having to compromise with the aesthetics of your place.

Now let’s dive straight into improving your place with the help of Vastu Shastra.

Your reason for improving Vastu

Depending on what you want to achieve by improving the Vastu of your place, different practices should be followed. Let us help you get to your goal.

1. Vastu for health: According to Vastu, keeping plants in your place is known for improving the health of an individual by bringing a positive vibe to the place. So here are some beautiful wallpapers that will add a touch of nature to your walls and place increasing both the aesthetics and the positivity.

Luxury Wallpaper for bedroom
            Lush European Landscape Wallpaper


Palms wallpaper for Livingroom

Kovalam Paradise

2. Vastu for happy life: According to Vastu Shastra, yellow is the color of happiness and abundance. So using more yellow color in your surroundings can positively boost your environment making it happier. Here are some wallpaper suggestions to bring happiness to your life and space.

Pichwai style Wallpaper for lobby
Pichwai Style Wallpaper


Bagh Wallpaper for loby

       Yellow Chinoiserie Wallpaper

3. Vastu for success in career: According to Vastu Shastra, pictures of flying birds can increase confidence and morale, and bring success and positivity to your space. So here is the perfect wallpaper for you based on Vastu for success and prosperity.


Leaves Wallpaper for Living room

        Arzoo: Abstract Theme Wallpaper

Along with birds, green color also symbolizes growth and prosperity. So why not the wallpaper that has both? 

Indian wallpaper for living room

       Bharat: Mughal Theme Wallpaper

4. Vastu for success in business: Want to get success in your business and take it to the international level? Why not send the cue to the universe with Vastu at your place? Putting a world map is exactly that signal.

World Map Wallpaper for Living room

         Political World Map Wallpaper

World map wallpaper for living room

        Vintage World Map Wallpaper

Vastu based on direction

Direction plays an incomparable role in Vastu. What is kept in what direction is supposedly the most important thing in terms of Vastu. What color is there in what direction has an equally important role to play. We are here to help you choose the right colors and the best wallpapers for each direction.


1. Vastu for North direction: North direction is considered the direction of growth, prosperity, and abundance. The element of north is water and the color therefore is blue. The wallpaper below is the perfect match for North.

Blue Floral Wallpaper for Bedroom

       Hanging Floral Wallpaper

Peacock Wallpaper For Living room

       Monsoon: Indian Peacock Wallpaper

2. Vastu for South direction: South is the direction of fire. It is the direction of courage and strength. Similarly, orange is the color of courage, determination, and goals. This wallpaper in the south direction is the perfect way to turn your goals into reality.

Orange Wallpaper For Bed room

        Abstract Leaves Wallpaper

Luxury Wallpaper for living room

       Shalimar: Mughal Inspired Wallpaper

3. Vastu for East direction: East is the direction of the rising sun and is considered the direction of positivity and new beginnings. So simply stating it is the direction of health and wealth. A wallpaper like below will go perfectly on it.

Blue Wallpaper for living room

        Blue Chinoiserie Wallpaper

Peacock Wallpaper For Lobby

       Morni: Chinoiseri Wallpaper

4. Vastu for West direction: West is the direction of Lord Varun and is associated with harmony. Similarly, blue also denotes calmness, peace, and emotional balance. So here are the perfect wallpapers for your west-facing wall.

Blue Indian Theme Room Wallpaper for living room

        Itihaas: Indian Tropical theme Wallpaper

Floral Blue Wallpaper for lobby

        Aura: Blue Chinoiserie Wallpaper

Based on room type

Every room has a different requirement. Every room needs more of a different type of energy and because of that Vastu is different for each room. Here are some suggestions for different type of rooms.


1. Vastu for Living room: A living room is all about positivity and auspicious energy. Having white or light colors is the best practice for the living room in terms of Vastu. Like the ones below. 

Peacock Wallpaper For Living room

        Bagiya: Peacock Chinoiserie Wallpaper

Luxury Wallpaper for living room

Ramayan: Divine Jharokha Antique Wallpaper

2. Vastu for Bedroom: If you want to change only one thing as per Vastu, then let it be in the bedroom. Bedroom’s Vastu is the most important and it can change a person’s whole fortune. For bedroom, blue or light colors are the best choice to bring in prosperity and love.

Pink Phul bagh Wallpaper for bedroom

        Blossom: Peach Chinoiserie Wallpaper

Green white floral Wallpaper for living room

Mint Blossom: Vintage Chinoiserie Wallpaper

3. Vastu for Kids room: Taking care of Vastu in your kids’ room is very crucial to support the holistic development of your child. Green color is a good choice because green is the color of prosperity. Other than that, sky blue is good for active kids. A lighter shade like white is equally good. The ones below will be the right fit for your kid’s room.

World map Wallpaper for Kids room

Kids Room World Map Wallpaper

Blue Color Space Wallpaper For Kids Room

Space Expedition Wallpaper for Kids

4. Vastu for office: The reason for focusing on Vastu in the office is to create an atmosphere that is peaceful and encourages focus and productivity. To achieve that, light colors like light green, cream, and light yellow are the perfect choice for Vastu in the office. Here are some suggestions for creating a great atmosphere in your office.

green Floral Wallpaper for living room

Vincent Van Gough: Almond Blossom Wallpaper

Pink Luxury Wallpaper for living room

Indian Paisley Design Wallpaper

We hope we made adding aesthetics and luxury with Vastu easier for you. We consulted Vastu experts to make this blog for you. For more specific details fit for your place and tailored exactly for your place, consult your Vastu expert.

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