5 steps to select perfect wallpapers for your homes

5 steps to select perfect wallpapers for your homes

Use of wallpapers is a really in thing nowadays. Indian market has seen tremendous growth is wallpaper usage. At Life N Colors we have seen growing use of wallpapers in Gurgaon and Delhi. People are taking various options such as wallpapers for bedrooms, kid’s room wallpapers, 3D wallpapers, floral wallpapers etc. We are also using latest technology for printing customized wallpapers.

Our experts have made a 5-step guidance of choosing perfect wallpapers for your homes:



  1. Select a design theme for your house: think about various options and shortlist what theme you want for your house. Traditional India, European Classic, Contemporary, Modern, etc. once you have a design theme in mind, it becomes easy to select wallpapers. Also, whatever you will select as per one theme will gel well with other wallpapers.

  1. Consult a wall-stylist: Life N Colors has experience of various sites and our wall stylists will guide you through selection process. While selecting wallpapers, it’s important to also consider furniture in your house or room layout etc. for e.g., big print wallpapers will not look good behind a high headrest bed in bedroom as many big prints may get cut. You may choose a small print floral wallpapers for your bedrooms.

  2. Mix and match: unlike paints where you have limited options, in wallpapers you will get thousands of print options. In case you don’t find your design, then it could be printed as customized wallpapers. In case you are choosing floral wallpaper behind bed, then choose matching texture print, or plain wallpapers for other walls. Try choosing only one wall in a room as a highlighter wall.

  3. Go to a wallpaper store for shortlisting: Good wallpaper shops have huge collection of wallpapers. It’s better to make first visit there rather than getting some catalogues at home. This way, you will get to see all options and will be easier for you to decide on what you like or don’t like. Some smaller shops may try sending books to your place, but here you will limit your options. Life n Colors has a wallpaper store on Sohna road Gurgaon. Shortlist your designs and then ask them to send to you place for final selection.

A good store like Life N Colors, will send shortlisted catalogues to your place from which you could try placing options of walls and check what looks better. Life N Colors has more than 12000 designs at its experience center.



Don’t select online: you must see wallpapers, images given online may not be same as actual wallpaper. Typically, colors vary a lot. Also, you should try placing sample wallpaper on your actual wall to see what will look good or not. Another problem of buying wallpapers online is to get installation done. You will need to worry about finding a good installer which is quite difficult in Gurgaon and Delhi. We have a team of professional installer who ensure that wallpapers are installed properly so that you don’t face any problem in wallpaper getting chipped off, or patterns not matching or midline showing etc.


Get the best wallpapers for your walls, choose from imported wallpapers which are high quality, environment friendly and durable from Life N Colors. You may contact Life N Colors on +91-9818900484 or visit us on www.lifencolors.in

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