6 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper

6 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper

You may have a dream for your home's interior ,an image in your mind of precisely what you need, starting from the pattern to the material.


But other times, the process isn’t as easy. You might not know which color or pattern will work for your home. Or you might have a difficult time deciding among multiple designs.

Life n Colors experts, shared some tips on how to choose perfect wallpaper. Life n Colors has the best wallpaper Delhi Ncr with lot of variety in colours & patterns.

Below is your six-step solution to narrowing down options and choosing the perfect wallpaper for every room in your home.


Decide on Color: Color often dictates the mood of the room. That’s why it’s so important to decide what type of environment you’d like to create first. Red elicits excitement, while blue indicates calm. How do you want the room to feel? Life n Colors have best color schemes of wallpaper in Delhi Ncr


Think About Functional Logistics: Where will the wallpaper be? In case you're in a high-traffic foyer or a kitchen or restroom where there will be moisture, you'll need vinyl items sufficiently intense to withstand environmental wear and tear. Durability determines a return on investment, so this step is important.


Assess Light Infiltration: How much natural light is in the room? If there’s plenty, you aren’t limited, you can choose either light or dark colors without worrying how they will affect the final look. If natural light is scarce, steer away from dark colors that will only make the room feel small and cramped.


Coordinate with Fixed Design Elements: Furniture and flooring should definitely be considered in the decision-making process. Make sure patterns and colors don’t clash, but complement.


Measure Placement Area: Where will the wallpaper go? This decides the amount you'll need and begins to give you a thought of your financial plan. You might need to buy a pricier item for a complement wall, or perhaps you need to investigate lower-spending alternatives to cover the whole room. Life n Colors has the most cost effective wallpapers in Delhi Ncr.


· Review Your Options:

The best way to make your final decision is to order samples of the products you like. Though shopping online saves time and money, it’s hard to tell if a pattern will look good in the room if you don’t see it in person.


Need Help? You Have Us.

Life n Colors helps you when you’re torn about choosing the perfect wallpaper. Well, maybe we don’t help, we offer too many options at such great prices. But we do make it cost-effective to get the products you love at a price within your budget.

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