Benefits of wooden flooring over tiles

Benefits of wooden flooring over tiles

Flooring is the one thing that completes an overall look of your home. However, many times we end up with the confusion between choosing tiles and wooden floor. It isn't just about style yet the functionality and possibility that influences this choice. Many interior designing experts recommend wooden flooring over tiles these days, along with Life n Colors experts.



Many homes and business spaces are using wooden flooring. But it is very important to choose a correct product which is tough, solid, according to current patterns and in also cost-effective. Life N Colors flooring solution will enable you to choose right wooden flooring solution for you by providing right wooden flooring texture, colour, quality, price, etc.


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Below are some of the common benefits of wooden floorings over tiles, mentioned by Life n Colors experts:-


  • Warmth: The wooden floor is considered to be warm on the feet than tiles during cold weather. Wood maintains the room temperature & create a comfortable atmosphere around. Also, one of the the wooden floor benefit is that it considered to be warmer for pets also in the cold weather. Hence, wood flooring is warmer & comfortable than tiles during cold weather.


  • Installation: Floor tiles take a lot of planning to install and will require a skilled person to install it in proper manner. On the other hand, a wooden floor can be installed very rapidly & quickly, specifically that you pick a style that uses a tongue and groove system that can be effectively opened and stuck into the spot without the use of some other fixatives. So, in short with only a little guidance and the correct devices you could have your very own wooden floor fitted in a short period of time.


  • Durability: Floor tiles even the most sturdiest, can break under the weight of heavy items being dropped or put on them. In the event that you choose less expensive tile these will crack considerably more effectively and will be hard to fix reflectively. Wooden floors offer great sturdiness, particularly if you go for strong & good quality wooden flooring, like wooden floor of Life n Colors, and will remain looking best for many years & colours can be changed according to the latest trends but wooden flooring stay for very long time.


  • Versatile: With modern techniques & Life N Color wooden flooring patterns it is easy to use wooden flooring anywhere in the office & home. Gone are those days when there was variety in the pattern of tile flooring. Now days techniques have come that wooden floor can be used even in kitchen & bathroom also.


  • Costing: If you are preferring tiles over wooden flooring because of the cost factor then don’t be in confusion. These days, there are numerous reasonable wooden floor alternatives to browse, like Life n Colors wooden flooring solution helps you in providing good quality wooden floors & at the same tine cost effective also. From laminates to engineered wooden floors, you can look over various changed styles and completes to suit your financial budget.




To conclude, whether you are hoping to create the brand new floor or room or you are thinking about replacing carpeted flooring or floor tiles in a current room, wood flooring offers sturdiness, elegance, warmth, flexibility and affordability all together.


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