How to choose right wallpaper for your bedrooms?

How to choose right wallpaper for your bedrooms?

The wallpaper you choose can make a room appear warmer, bigger, and brighter so it’s important to choose the best wallpaper for space. Life N Colors design team has created following steps to select right wallpapers for your bedrooms.


Take a Cue from Color: Color can set the mood in a room. In order to make space feel larger, pick a pattern with cool colour backgrounds, such as blue or green. Soft cool colours will suggest tranquillity and intense cool colours can be dramatic or fresh. Warm colours, such as yellows and reds, can make people feel warmer. This can be a popular choice for cold climates.



Play with Light: In a windowless space, look for the best home wallpaper that will reflect light around the room. Patterns with smooth surfaces will reflect the most light. Dark colours absorb light and make the room smaller.


Hide Flaws with Texture: The best wallpaper can help you hide any flaws. Patterns with perceived texture can camouflage any wall imperfections. Patterns with actual tactile surfaces, including string grass, foil, or burlap, can also work. There are wallpapers that can simulate the look of wood, marble, fabric, or animal skins. A pattern that has a layered design can create a perception of texture.


Choose a Suitable Style: For a more formal look, you may want to pick a large-scale pattern with dramatic colour. For a more fun style, you can choose a small motif that is regularly spaced and open, such as polka dots. Wallpaper can be available in all sorts of styles and motifs so you are sure to find something you love.


Accent the Positive: Vertical patterns can emphasize height. Vertical patterns can also make the ceiling appear higher.


Mix and Match Carefully: A room without a pattern can seem boring but a room with too many patterns can cause restlessness. When mixing different patterns, pick ones that repeat the same colour in order to make them coordinate.


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