Customized Wallpaper- The Practical Guide

Customized Wallpaper- The Practical Guide

How to Determine How Much Customized Wallpaper You Need


When you are ordering custom or imported wallpaper, you will need to know how many rolls you need so you don’t have to go back and get later. You want to plan ahead and make a liberal estimation before you buy any customized wallpaper. If you find yourself near the end of an installation process, you don’t want to be short. Dyes can differ from the different orders, even with the same source, so you may not be able to match the colour exactly if you get two different orders. You also want to keep any extra wallpaper on hand in case you need to patch up any damaged areas that happen in the future.

Customised wall designs created by Life N Colors for a kid's room

The manufacturer prints a specific design with newly mixed ink colours. When you buy paper, try to make sure that each bolt number matches so you have peace of mind knowing the colours will match.


If you are covering a room, calculate the wall space to be covered. Measure the wall from floor to ceiling and horizontally from corner to corner. Multiply the two figures you get and then repeat for any remaining walls. Add those totals.


If you are going to be covering a ceiling then you will want to calculate by multiplying the width of the floor by the length. When getting a fraction, be sure to round up so that you get extra.


If you are choosing imported wallpaper with a pattern, it requires an extra step in order to estimate the number of pattern repeats. Find out how often the pattern repeats and then divide the height of the wall by the inches between the different patterns. The higher the number, the more wallpaper you need to purchase. If the number is smaller then you can order less.


When you order customized wallpaper, verify if you are placing an order for a single roll packaged as two so that you don’t get half as much or twice as much as you need.

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