FEATURE WALL IDEAS: Choosing Wallpapers

FEATURE WALL IDEAS: Choosing Wallpapers

Feature walls remain a firm favourite for those looking to make an impression through their decor. Particularly when it comes to patterned wallpaper, a feature wall is a great way to add style and interest to a room without overpowering it.


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Choose your location:

Before you even begin thinking about styles, you have to settle on the area for your component divider. A component divider is expected to go about as a point of convergence in the room, so you have to guarantee it is situated effectively and not avoided view or discouraged by furniture.


A great place to start in a living room is around the fireplace; this will likely already be positioned in a central location, and a feature wall can enhance it. If you’re creating a feature wall in a bedroom, look to the wall that your headboard rests against. Again, this is likely already the focal point in the room, so feature wallpaper is a great choice to add even more interest.


Makeover a room with bold pops of colour:

In case you're hoping to infuse a fun burst of shading into a room however would prefer not to go over the edge, a feature wall with bright wallpaper is a fabulous alternative. Shades that you wouldn't typically consider, for example, brilliant pink, can work superbly as highlight walls.


Light coloured flooring and simple, chic furniture are perfect for ensuring your feature wall make a strong impression.


Decorate your hallway with abstract prints:

Abstract geometric print wallpapers are massively in fashion right now. While an all-over abstract print could overpower a room, using it to create a feature wall is a great way to bring the trend into your home.


Settle on a Moroccan roused tile print to outline your fireplace and make an ultra-upscale point of convergence in your room. Once more, keeping the remainder of your stylistic theme nonpartisan is the most ideal approach to guarantee your element divider emerges.


Opt for bright botanicals for your kitchen or bathroom:

If you’re looking to add some colour and interest to your kitchen or bathroom, consider botanical and leaf print wallpapers These are great for bringing the outside in, and making a room feel bright, fresh and clean – perfect for kitchens and bathrooms!


To ensure your kitchen or bathroom still feels bright and open, and that your wallpaper doesn’t clash with your fittings, look for a rich green print on a white background.


Add subtle glamour with a metallic feature wall:

There’s nothing like metallics to add instant glamour to your home. Metallic wallpaper is the perfect option for those wanting to add a glam touch that isn’t too OTT.

There are a number of options if you’re looking to invest in the metallic trend. Choose a rich copper wallpaper to add warmth to space, or keep it cool and contemporary with metallic silver shades


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