Featured Creator - Monisha Jaising Vaid

Featured Creator - Monisha Jaising Vaid

Monisha Jaising Vaid, a distinguished stylist and television content producer in India, is known for her impeccable work in styling judges on popular reality TV shows, including Indian Idol. Her expertise and keen eye for aesthetics extend beyond the realm of television. In a recent project, she collaborated with lifencolors, an innovative wallpaper provider, to adorn her new residence in Goa. This blog details the synergy between her creative vision and lifencolors' unique wallpaper designs, highlighting the transformation of her home into a vibrant and stylish space.


Monisha Jaisingh Goa Home Wallpaper by Lifencolors

Residence that transcends the ordinary


Monisha Jaising Vaid's residence in Goa transcends the ordinary, becoming a vivid collage that narrates her life's journey. She deliberately sidesteps the subdued tones typical of other homes for a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and artisanal wall coverings that truly personalize each space.


Her home is a testament to functionality intertwined with striking visual appeal, reflecting her and her husband's varied life experiences and travels. This is no cookie-cutter residence; it's a space that tells their story with every hue and texture.


They approached the transformation of their Goan retreat not with a rigid plan but with an organic mindset. Choosing a nondescript, aging property, they saw beyond its initial appearance to its inherent potential. The renovation was immersive and personal, deconstructing and reconstructing to infuse the essence of their narrative into the home.


Monisha and her husband, with their extensive backgrounds in media, aimed to make their home stand out, to have it embody their life's odyssey. The result is a home that breaks away from the norm, a palette that boldly ventures into bold colors, right up to the ceilings, creating an enveloping warmth.

 Monisha Jaisingh Wallpaper Goa Home by Life n Colors customised

Wall Coverings are standout feature


Wall coverings are the standout feature, turning simple walls into impressive art displays. The 'Life in Colors' covering is a perfect example, often mistaken for a mural, it captivates all who enter. Monisha used wall coverings in her Goan home as a transformative element in interior design, a vibrant alternative to expensive artworks that add depth and character.

 Goa home wallpaper by Lifencolors

Regarding Life N Colors, Monisha believes their wall coverings possess a transformative charm, magically relocating one from their Bombay residence to an unimaginable, idyllic landscape. It's the morning view of a tropical jungle or the serene Japanese scape in her living room that brings an element of surprise and joy, distinguishing her Goan holiday home with a touch of bespoke artistry, far from the muted conformity found elsewhere.

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