Growing popularity of Indian themed wallpaper

Growing popularity of Indian themed wallpaper

In recent years homes have become more and more expressive. When redecorating homes, there’s nothing as good as a new wallpaper to renew and revive boring and plain walls. Wallpapers have become one of the most favored design elements in a home. It is one of the most sought-after, forward, and in-demand interior design trends in recent years. The recent trends for wallpaper designs are maximalist concepts where intricate patterns, paintings, and scenic murals are preferred.


Another growing popularity is Indian-themed wallpaper not only in India but all over the world.


The culture of India dates back thousands of years to a time of success, struggle, and revolution and has continually evolved through the years. The culture has been influenced by its geographic location, the colonial influences of the English, Mughal, and Persian impact, various religious groups, and the interplay of thousands of cultures.


India is known for its varied and diverse art, culture, architecture, and history. Some of the biggest religions in the world like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam either began or flourished in India, these influences largely impact art and culture.


Sophisticated, exotic, luxurious are some of the words to describe Indian designs. It can be said that there is hardly any culture that is as varied, unique, and diverse as the Indian culture. This is a result of the fusion of different religions, heritage, cultures, and communities which makes Indian art and design unbelievably distinct. India is one of the few places that has managed to preserve its rich culture and history.


These art wallpapers revolve around Indian history, religion, and other factors. Classic kind of Indian-themed wallpapers are devotional and spiritual and has a religious history behind them. These wallpapers showcase a very distinct feature that makes them unique and exclusive.


Some of the elements of Indian themed wallpaper designs are:

· Vibrant color palettes

· Carpet designs wallpaper

· Indian scenic mural wallpapers

· Patterns and motifs

· Religious Deity

· Various Paintings styles


Vibrant color palettes

Indian-themed wallpapers are hallmarked with the use of vibrant and warm color palettes which evoke a sense of richness and buoyancy. They also typically resemble the Colors of the spices that are grown in India – cumin, saffron, cardamom, turmeric, etc. Colors such as red, brown, yellow, umber, pink, and ochre are commonly used. Colors bring the energy and vibe that is inherent to it and transform cold and boring space into a cultural abode.


Carpet design wallpapers

Most carpet designs are inspired by the culmination of Indian, Mughal, and Persian elements. They typically consist of an inner field – the design in the center and a border. Various patterns and motifs are utilized to embellish the carpet and give it a regal look. Carpets were originally used to decorate the floors but one unique and whimsical way to, utilize these designs is in the form of wallpaper.


Indian scenic mural wallpapers

Various realistically painted romantic depictions of classical India filled with kings, queens, soldiers, elephants, camels, temples, mosques, and iconic Indian architecture are an important feature of Indian-themed wallpaper. Depictions from historical events and periods like the Mughal period, lives of the Rajput, war scenes, everyday lives of vendors, bazaars, monuments, colonial period, etc are popular choices for murals. These scenic murals are sure to remind people of the beauty, struggle, and glory of our ancestors.


Patterns and motifs

Oftentimes motifs and patterns are inspired by nature, religious and socioeconomic factors. They are unique and colorfully depicted and are a representation of an era gone by. Detailed and intricate patterns like birds, flowers, birds, mandalas, geometric shapes, paisleys, and other motifs are significant in the creation of these wallpapers. These designs and patterns are deeply connected to culture and religion.


Religious Deity

Hindu gods are often portrayed like no other and reflect the plurality of beliefs. They’re often immersed in symbolism and inner meaning. Wallpapers depicting Hindu gods and goddesses often transform a place into something of spirituality, peace, and serenity. Gods and goddesses such as Lord Ganesh, Lord Krishna and Radha, Lord Shiva, Buddha, Goddess Lakshmi, etc are often depicted in such wallpapers with great detail and splendid colors.


Various painting styles

Ancient Indian paintings have been passed down from generation to generation over the centuries, some untouched by modernization are still in style and sought after by people. Elaborate paintings like Rajasthani paintings, Madhubani paintings, Pichwai paintings, Tanjore paintings, Warli paintings, Gond paintings, etc are used to decorate walls. They depict various Hindu gods and deities, religious epics, royal families, dancers, nature elements, etc and they represent the diverse style of Indian artwork. Animals like horses, elephants, deer, camels, etc are also objects of these paintings. Every region of India is linked with a type of painting that is influenced by the people and subculture of that particular place.


The richness of Indian wallpapers has made it popular among buyers across the globe. During the recent decades and the global climate has undergone massive change and the world is moving to become a single large borderless economy. This has resulted in massive shifts and the world is starting to converge and have a more unified culture. While this has its advantages it has also led people to feel like their culture and heritage are being taken away from them. Furthermore, it has caused people to cling to their roots and preserve their culture to maintain a sense of nationalism, familiarity, and distinct cultural identity. This can be seen largely among modern Indians who have incorporated Indian elements in their homes, lives, and habits.


For a long period, traditional Indian culture and art have been disregarded by the West and Indians themselves. But over the past few years, due to the efforts of various designers, artists, scholars, artisans, etc many of the lost Indian art forms have been revived. They have also managed to gain popularity and a steady footing in the global market. Wallpapers both traditional and contemporary with Indian prints, colors, sceneries, paintings, and elements have been in high demand globally.


At times the colors and designs try to match the modern times whereas in most cases there is an effort to introduce the ethnic form to modern life so rich cultural roots can live on through us.


At Life n Colors we have an array of Indian-themed wallpapers to choose from. From patterned designs to detailed murals, classical to contemporary designs, various wallpapers are carefully designed and curated to showcase the regal and sophisticated art of India. These wallpapers are sure to reflect the unique culture and heritage of India and make your space a vibrant and inviting abode.

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