How to get that cosy yet classy feel to your rooms

How to get that cosy yet classy feel to your rooms

Home is where the heart lies. Its the nest we all need for snuggling in, for rejuvenating our tired spirits and for recharging our positive energies. This is precisely the reason why we need spaces that inspire, nourish and help to recuperate. We need decor with a strong scent of uniqueness and warmth, care and classiness. A lot essentially depends on themes, design patterns, choice of furniture, wall decor, upholstery and so on.


We at Life N Colors look at some of the simplest ways to impart a cosy yet classy feel to your homes.


Tips and Tricks for A Comfortable yet Elegant Home


Intelligent Theme Choices: The first thing to ponder upon is the holistic theme. When it comes to creating classy premises with a generous dollop of comfort, your pick for the right theme has a significant role to play. Ideally, you should consider a variety of themes, each distinct to the space you are looking to adorn or beautify.


For instance, the children’s room could have themes related to their dreams and aspirations, imaginations and fantasies. It could be an astronaut themed decor or perhaps a mermaid type of styling and similar. Stick to whatever soothes their souls and tells stories that are relatable to their naive energies and crystal clear minds.


One of the best places to start is to perhaps buy wallpapers online, for establishing the right notes. Life n Colors wallpapers for instance, offers a truly impressive range of wall decor solutions for the kids space. Your worries could actually be put to rest here. Choose from their extensive range and witness magic happen.


Light up the Right Way: When it comes to creating a happy confluence of warmth and elegance, the choice of lighting is another aspect of paramount importance. For instance, never use direct focus lighting for any of your spaces other than corners used for reading or dealing with work that needs focussed projections. Always prefer clustered lighting, so that when the sun goes down, you have an atmosphere of natural illumination for curling up.


Another interesting aspect to ponder upon is the temperature of light. Did you know that bulbs had a colour temperature scale? You can actually refer to it before making your choice and pick just the right one for your cozy interior. For instance, if you choose a warm white shade, the temperature is around 3000k and cool white is likely to be around 5000k. K being Kelvin, the unit of temperature. Therefore, the higher the value of K, the less warmer or more colder the light is likely to be.


Remember, the holistic appeal of every other decor element you might have used will largely depend on the nature of lighting. Even if you happen to choose the best wallpapers for rooms and the classiest of upholstery, the impact is likely to be ruined if the lighting is not right. Therefore, it is always advisable to seek professional intervention in this department. As a thumb rule, opt for warm, cluster lighting fixtures, settle for muted rather than direct lighting impact.


Hues and Shades: When it comes to colours, the range of options available for every segment of your decor is likely to be baffling. There is just too much clutter out there. So what do you do? Simply get your specifications firmed up right at the outset and never deviate. Accentuating colors for a warm and classy interior designing scheme could be neutral shades, browns and greys, some shades of oranges for a muted vibrancy and maybe even different shades of beige.


Attempting to include the colours of the season may not always be the right thing to do. Stick to monochromes of your liking and mix and match with classy combinations of lighter hues. The results are likely to be fantastical. Keep the same thing in mind while choosing suitable wallpapers for walls. Always go with a wallpaper provider that possesses an impressive range of themes and designs involving a happy play of tints and chromes.


Upholstery Magic: Creating spaces that exude warmth and class could also mean relying more on old world charms rather than going with the flow, with contemporary trends showing the way. Intelligent use of upholstery can make this task so much more easier. Indulge in luxurious fabrics and textiles that add that touch of cozyness to your space.


Prefer layered textures and soft material. Bling and shine may not be your best picks. Throw in some rugs, blankets, and tradiitonally woven doormats. Use cloth fixtures on the walls, wherever applicable. And largely of course, your walls are likely to be taken care of by carefully chosen wallpapers that complement the overall theme idea, perfectly.


Make sure you source your wallpapers from trusted providers who provide you with excellent material quality apart from a wide range of designs . Even if you are buying wallpapers online, you will need to ensure purchase from a solution provider who can assure you of high product quality and seamless installation. Checking on some online reviews and ratings is perhaps a great idea, before selecting.


Picking the Right Furniture: Picking the right furniture is of equal importance. Ideally, the choices should perhaps be more towards pure wood, wood finishes or dark wood, for chairs, tables, sofas and so on. Wood has a classic appeal thats grand and warm. Sticking to darker shades of wood would perhaps be the perfect way to create a harmonious blend of decor elements for absolute elegance and caressing warmth.


When it comes to creating the perfect home decor, it is always about customised perfection. What may be of much impact for one may be absolutely bland for another. Every element picked should be in complete sync with your likes, preferences, passions and may be even aspirations. Every home has a story to tell and the best thing to do is to be able to choose a decor that can make this story, a happy and mutually satisfying one. Your home, is your space. Lets keep it that way!

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