Indian Art Form for Home Decor

Indian Art Form for Home Decor

Home decoration has been one of the most happening sectors in the past few years. Staying in our homes for longer has allowed us to find faults and make changes to the design of our houses. In fact, people may have even contracted interior designers to ensure the best changeover for their house theme. One of these themes would be Indian Art. India as a country is quite well-known globally. Its heritage and culture speak volumes of its unity within the various art forms. Since the ancient era, India has been known as a land of wealth and even sound art.


In case you're in the midst of re-defining your home decor to a complete Indian theme, we've got just the thing for you! Today, we'll be going over the different elements of Indian art that you can apply to your home and make the best changes possible. It doesn't matter whether you've done this in the past or not; our guide will help you re-establish your home even if you are a complete beginner. Let's get started!


One way to bring a drastic change to your surroundings is to add an element of art. You can either go for paintings on the wall of your house or even artistic paintings of Indian culture on a single part. The primary aspect to understand here is to get something that isn't too flashy but not completely bland either. You can select square-shaped or long-shaped paintings depending on the type of walls you have in your home. Here are some options you should consider when buying Indian art for your home:


Tribal Themed:

If you were unaware, India has been the home to over 2000 tribes since its formation. This variety in culture, tradition, and mindsets has made it well-known as a home for every culture. Of course, several cultures mean that an enormous amount of art has been passed down each generation. Whether it be the 400-year ancient Warli design or even any other form, this type of art is a unique addition to have. Under most circumstances, you'll find that many of these paintings will depict the everyday life of the civilians of that time, giving a good insight into their lives. These paintings typically display hunting, festivals, or farming. What's interesting is the fact that Warli paintings go pretty well with modern furniture.


Indian Abstract:

Indians have been some of the finest when it comes to abstract paintings. With vibrant colors and the best quality materials in each generation, Indian abstract art will never cease to amaze its audience. While Indian abstract only came into existence in the 1950s, two decades down the road allowed it to become a popular art form. Abstract art in India is mainly modest and displays the calmness of various heritages and nature present in India. Just the tribal paintings, Indian abstract art complements modern furniture quite well due to its modest designs. 


India is well-known for its historical achievements and activities. Indian historical art brings in every factor from wars to the greatest monuments. Engraved within some of the most significant events known to man, Indian history depicted in art is a treat for every eye.

Indian Themed Wallpapers

Banaras, Indian Carpet Design Wallpaper



The Indian art forms consist of excellence bound with elegance. If you are looking for wallpaper to add grace to your house, the Banaras Indian carpet design will fit your needs! This pattern contains a range of asymmetrical rich designs with varied, complex structures to symbolize the beautiful Indian culture. Apart from this, the compilation of all refined patterns is incorporated to highlight noble features with the appropriate color balance. Overall, it's a vibrant wallpaper that represents the exquisite traditional patterns of Indian culture.


To learn more about this wallpaper's specifications and price, visit us here!


Premium Indian Colorful Room Wallpaper



The Indian collection of traditional designs contains rich and classic patterns. Still, if you are looking for a subtle yet authentic Indian culture wallpaper, the premium Indian colorful layout will be the best for you! Also, it's suitable for people who do not prefer detailed designs which are too lavish for their taste. In short, this layout is an excellent mix of sophisticated yet modern traditional Indian designs. You can purchase these wallpapers in your preferred texture too! We provide you with high European quality wallpapers which are easy to install in houses.


To learn more about this wallpaper's specifications and price, visit us here!


Premium Green Mughal Pattern



Mughal era home decoration, especially Mughal styled wallpaper for walls, adds an elegant touch of royalty and class to your room. The artistic and intricate designs instantly transform a room, giving it a rich, luxurious touch. Our Premium Green Mughal Pattern Design Wallpaper does just this. The beautiful green detailed floral patterns will enlighten any room, giving the space a clean and neat vibe. The light colors of the wallpaper effortlessly create the illusion of making a room appear more open-spaced. Make your living room look incredibly balanced and sophisticated.


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Rajasthani Dabka Embroidery Inspired Wallpaper Design




When we talk about traditional Indian architecture, the first thing that comes to mind is the mesmerizing state of Rajasthan. Their unique historical background and essence have always captured attention but most importantly, the diversity of art forms made from different techniques. If you, too, are a fan of such brilliant and renowned Rajasthani culture, try our dabka embroidery wallpaper layout! The design comprises a detailed floral dabka embroidery craft in the Rajasthani style. Moreover, the complete patterns showcase a shiny black background to emphasize the pattern. As a result, it's ideal for the main room as it has an eye-catching ambiance with a traditional touch.


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Brown Ikat pattern Design Room Wallpaper



Ikat patterns are the most well-known in traditional designs. They are versatile and have an eye-catching design. Enhance the decor and enliven the most traditional or contemporary room with the colorful ikat wallpaper.


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Paintings and wallpapers alone cannot do the job of transforming your home into an Indian-themed one. The next is precisely selecting the best antiques, depending on the type of theme you're looking for. Antiques don't necessarily need to be significant in size. As long as you can get one that complements the overall look of your house, it should be enough.



To wrap up, if you are searching for authentic and traditional wallpapers for your house, Lifencolors is the perfect destination. We have a wide range of themes to choose from and curate exclusive wallpapers just for you. Moreover, we also provide customized wallpaper designs according to your needs. You can simply check out all the designs on our website and select the one you find best.

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