Handmade rug and carpets are constantly woven in natural fibre. There are numerous reasons why natural fibre floor coverings are most loved amongst every one of the mats. Life n colors custom made natural fibre rugs & carpets are easy, affordable & eco -friendly.


Natural, brown textures make these carpets amazingly versatile and hold a completely neutral foundation for any decoration. However, there are some similarities and also some difference between sisal, jute, hemp etc. Life n Colors has the best custom made carpets in Delhi NCR.


According to Life n Colors experts following are natural fibre rugs in trend this year:


Nature Hemp Rug at Entryway:

Entryway is the primary place from where anybody enters your home. It ought to be improved so you can inspire your visitor at the absolute first point. An entryway is a high traffic area and hemp is the best material for it. Nowadays Hemp is also available in different colors like black, blue, red etc. So you can also select according to your interiors colors combination. When anybody enters your home, they carry dust, mud and other unwanted particles with their shoes. So they can wipe their shoes on it, it works as a great resistance for dust, mud, and water.


Sari Silk Carpet in a Living Room:

Presently, it's turn to decorate your home with delightful energetic hues. For giving lively hues, the carpets which are accessible at a sensible value go are just sari silk floor carpets. Sari silk floor carpet is woven in sari silk and cotton material. It contains a very smooth and soft touch just like a silk carpet. This is woven using recycling of sari. It is highly durable and hand washable rug. Life n Colors have the best quality custom made carpets in Delhi NCR.


Put a Jute rug close to your bathroom:

It is a place where we should provide safety because there are more chances to slip on surface. For this place, a handmade jute area rug is the best because it is thicker than the other carpets and also available at a cheaper price range. Although we love to use jute rugs, these are not for everyone because it has a rough touch. Another important thing to note, colors and texture can be different from rug to rug. Jute rugs are 100% handmade and hand-loomed and that’s why it is a highly durable product. It is also non-slip rug.


Hemp Rug in your dining room:

Hemp Grass carpets are un-colored, rich profound dark colored shades. These are smooth to the touch and have an agreeable vibe underneath. Hemp Grass carpets are otherwise called Mountain Grass Rugs. As of now, it is likewise woven in a blend of Zari or lurex in white and gold shading. It would seem that an enriching carpet. So you can utilise it in a lounge, a room and a lounge area too.


To conclude, follow the above tips to decorate your home with natural fibre material rugs which are not harmful to anyone and available in beautiful textures and colors. These are the latest trends in home Décor 2019.

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