Vrindavan, Pichwai Design Wallpaper

Vrindavan, Pichwai Design Wallpaper

Pichwai is a style of art that came into being over 400 years ago in Nathdwara, Rajasthan. These detailed and visually spectacular paintings depict the tales from Lord Krishna's life. Krishna is the god of tenderness, love and compassion. In Hinduism he is portrayed as a prankster, a gentle lover, a universal supreme being and child-like God. The anecdotes of Lord Krishna’s life are referred to as Krishna Leela.


Illustrated in the traditional pichwai painting style, these wallpapers are created with great attention to detail while adding the grandeur of rich Indian art. This wallpaper depicts Krishna being adored and worshipped by Radha and her sakhis (Gopis). The relationship between Krishna and Radha is considered to be a symbol of the union between the human soul and the divine.


Order a pichwai style wallpaper to enhance your home with spirituality and devotion while giving it a unique look that exudes vibrance and Indian charm.

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