Wallpaper trends in the past 5 years

Wallpaper trends in the past 5 years

Wallpaper has made a tremendous rebound in the last few years and has basically made painted accent walls immaterial in the design industry. Presently it's about applying texture in clean and smooth ways and wallpaper solves that purpose.


Life n colors wallpaper continues to be a popular choice when it comes to decorating the house. It adds color & impact to any interior space. Life n Colors has best home décor wallpaper in gurgaon Call +91- 9818900484 .

Gone are those days when whole room used to be full with big floral prints & dark colors. On contrary, these days wallpapers are much more subtle. Neutral shades are in & so many different patterns are there.


According to Life n Colors experts, below are some of the trends of wallpaper in last five years:


  • Digital Print Wallpaper:


This , helps you to create one of its kind design. This trend gives you opportunity to have complete authority of how the finished product looks. You just need to send the , such as Life n Colors. Once digital printing is done correctly the digital wallpaper adheres perfectly to your walls.


Not only this it can be done on any material like fabric or vinyl.These materials can be taken off when required.



  • Geometrical patterns wallpaper:


Rendered in a variety of hues and shapes, are turned out to be , making modern and inventive interiors Available in , Life n Colors geometric pattern wallpapers can be accustomed to bring versatility to simple space, makes dull interiors lively and include a pinch of visual appeal to any room in your home. In the , either Life n colors has best 3D wallpapers for walls in gurgoan.





Geometric patterns when mixed with the masculine aesthetic, you will get a well-tailored wallcovering that adds the dimension to your walls.Life n Colors experts recommend the great way to use geometrical pattern wallpaper is in bedrooms, entryways, bookshelves, also on your ceilings.


  • Water Proof Wallpaper:




In the last 5 years, thanks to new technology that wallpapers can be used even in the kitchen & bathroom. This water proof wallpaper have the waterproof sheath which protects the wallpaper from the humid environment & water. Life n Colors offering technologically advanced non-woven wallpaper specially designed for humid environments and for people with good taste



  • Faux effect wallpaper:


Stripping back a wall to brick, or introducing wood or tile can be an expensive, tedious job. In the recent years the technology has changed & faux effect wallpapers have come in. Life n colors faux effect wallpaper presents to all of you of the style of regular materials with none of the exertion, and you can explore vast range of realistic looking designs.





Faux effect wallpaper is a great way to add texture, warmth & character to the interior of your house. This technology can give any kind of look you want which will give you real look of brick, wood, etc. Life n Colors provide you custom wallpaper in delhi,gurgoan, hence you can create any kind of look.


  • Pink Wallpaper:




Not only the technology but there is change in the trend of wallpaper color also. Pink has been creating an impression in a couple of years. Pink is the perfect shade for the home; it is interesting without being overwhelming and manages to effortlessly combine subtle and statement components. Pink wallpapers are considered to be modern, pretty & stylish. Shades of pink like rose gold, pale salmon with gold toned metallic accent give the trendy & stylish look to your home.



  • Metallic Wallpaper:


In the . Life n colors metallic wallpaper with copper & brass tones are trending right now. Bright yet warm, fashion-forward yet oh so cozy, metallic wallpaper giving interiors all over the world an effortlessly luxurious edge.





Not only this, in case you're living in a little space, is the technology of metallic wallpaper is the ideal method to light up the area and make it appear bigger by the way it reflects the light.


  • Floral Wallpaper:


Floral wallpaper has made an enormous comeback in last 5 years in a much more advanced & sophisticated way. You can witness the wallpaper mural that is both calming & beautiful. In addition to the fact that it adds a component of visual interest includes a focal point in the space. In the recent years you can see Life n Colors floral wallpaper in restrooms, baby nurseries, pantries, etc.





To conclude, with all these changing trends, eco-friendly wallpapers are also trending these days which are made of natural & eco-friendly material. Life n Colors experts help in guiding you to go for which trend of wallpaper for your space. They provide you imported wallpaper in gurgoan .


Life N Colors brings the best quality wallpapers(3D wallpaper, kids room wallpaper, luxury wallpaper, geometrical wallpaper, etc.).


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