Why Wallpaper is the new paint?

Why Wallpaper is the new paint?

Slowly but steadily, wallpapers are gaining an edge over wall paints. Homeowners across socio-economic classes are now opting for wallcoverings for their home walls, rather than paint. Interior designers will vouch for the versatility and convenience of using wallpaper designs for walls for home décor. Life n Colors wallcoverings are an easy way to enhance the look of a space without putting a dent in one’s pocket. It is the easiest and most cost-effective means for an interior upgrade.


Generally in the Indian market, wall paint has been the more confided in a selection of

customers. Backdrops have been generally constrained to five-star lodgings, eateries, and business spaces. Be that as it may, in ongoing patterns, wallpaper has picked up a little edge over wall paints. Both paint and wallcovering have the ability to light up a dull looking room. Paint offers a fluctuated palette of various tints, while Life n Colors wallpapers offer a wide collection of patterns, textures, styles & has the best wallpaper in Delhi Ncr.

Ease of Installation


With wallpaper, one just needs to cut, paste and paper. Painting requires all kinds of brushes, rollers, sprayers and drop cloths. The wall surface needs to be prepared, and furniture and floors have to cover with a drop cloth before painting can start. After the base coat is applied, one must wait for it to dry before the second coat can be applied. It is all very time-consuming.


Before installing the home wallpaper, the walls need minimal preparation. There is no fear of spills, so no need to cover furniture. Hanging wallpaper on a wall takes only about an hour. The entire house can be completed within a day, depending on its size and number of technicians working. Wallpaper is quick, hassle-free and very convenient. For young working couples who do not have the luxury of time, wallcoverings are the obvious choice. It is quick, hassle-free and convenient.


Countless Design Options:

The wide assortment of backdrop structures for walls give property holders a lot of plan decisions to play around with. Wallcoverings additionally come in so various kinds of common completions like silk, stick and jute close by launderable sorts of vinyl and uncompromising texture upheld covers. With paints, one can just pick what shaded dividers a room will be.


Wallpapers can completely transform any space. Try an elegant motif design or damask wallpaper in deep shades for the living room. Geometric patterns work well in the dining room and kitchen. Use bold floral or mural designs in the bedroom. Faux natural textured wallpaper like the stone or marble will suit in the bathroom. And for kid’s bedroom, pick anything from Dora the Explorer to Jungle Book to princesses and castles; the room can literally be a dreamland.



Painted walls ay of time makes the paint blur step by step. In high-dampness regions like the kitchen or restroom, moist stains can be seen over painted dividers. Paints begin to lose their sparkle following 4-5 years. Home wallpaper can without much of a stretch keep going for around 12-15 years.


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