Brasil, A Fascinating Colorful Tropical Wallpaper for Rooms

Brasil, un papier peint tropical coloré et fascinant

Maximalism departs from minimalism’s austerity and places an emphasis on vivid hues, a wide range of patterns, sumptuous textures, and spaces that seamlessly incorporate numerous different design philosophies. For individuals who believe more is better, consider using this maximalist wallpaper. A feast for the eyes is created by more pattern, more colour, and more things to look at.

Enter the domain of the jungle with this wallpaper Which will help you bring home the sublime earthly delights of nature in the works during the quiet hours. Feel part of the dance of nature, be soothed out of all your stresses and worries and indulge in this sensational journey of primal escape with this fresh tropical slice of lushness.

This sophisticated pattern is filled with delicately illustrated land animals, sea animals, birds, mushrooms plants, sea weeds, flowers etc. Each plant and animal species also has a specific design that aims to mimic its fur, feathers, or skin. These elements are created with great attention to detail and with bright and vibrant colours. These natural elements are contrasted on black background. Colorful mushrooms of different shapes with a crimson head and a cream stem, bluish green exotic sea plants, various plant creepers, corals, palm leaves, banana leaves and flowers adorn this wallpaper. A Mid-Century Modern home or any setting styled with eclectic furnishings, deep hues, or metallic elements would benefit greatly from this dark and elegant design. Ideal for a bedroom, dining room, home office, etc.


This wallpaper will definitely bring a touch of exotic fun to your home. The fantasy themed design features an array of colourful animals and birds, including a boar, zebra, dodo, fishes, cheetah. On a fashionable black background, this is surrounded by tropical vegetation and flowers in vivid jewel tones.


Highlighting how the surprising variety of beauty, in all its manifestations, is the most priceless treasure from past and present explorations. On our walls, striking combinations of its colours, characteristics, and patterns of fur, feathers, or skin bring it vividly back to life. Some designs tell a story, while others use pictures and textures to pique our senses.


In this wallpaper there are many extinct animals like the Armoured Boar with a lustrous coat. Its top body coated in scales that were both black and golden, giving it an ornate appearance, The Umbrella Squid had enchanted skin that was covered in bioluminescent "jewels" that changed colour to blend in with its environment, Flying Coral Fish with pectoral fins which are delicate, thin, and like transparent wings. The dodo is another of the animals that features in this wallpaper design. Pale to deep gold in colour, with a dark constellation of rosebuds embellishing it, is the bearded leopard.


You would adore this amazing wallpaper with a natural theme in your room. Let the silent rhythm of nature’s clockwork take you with it into that place of tranquility within yourself. Every time you look at it, the attention to detail and vibrant colour scheme will leave you speechless.


This tasteful wallpaper pattern combines a beautiful colour scheme of a kaleidoscope of colours contrasted by a black background with illustrations of jungle creatures and botanical flora. Your house will immediately feel more sophisticated and artistic thanks to the fine details of the realistic sloths, cheetahs, squids, and other animals and plants.


Feel enlivened in the presence of exotic animals, who are going to keep you company quietly in the backdrop as you tackle the madness of life and Think of this wallpaper as a vacation for your vision and your soul. Head over to our website to purchase this unique maximalistic wallpaper for your home.


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